7 Keys to increase customer engagement and professional productivity

7 Keys to increase customer engagement and professional productivity

  1. Continuous learning is an attitude

Unlike the traditional form of face-to-face communication, remote trainings are accompanied by constantly evolving tools and technology. Therefore, it is very important that the digital marketing teams and the laboratory management have an open mind and attitude to continuous learning about new trends and have a positive predisposition to implement them.

  1. Involve and motivate teams

In recent years, companies only had a team with digital skills, the trend is that more and more all employees have them, and not just marketing or IT.

Teams in charge of developing training projects and digital services must understand the demands of continuous learning. But it is just as important that employees and the rest of the company’s departments are involved in this learning. In this way, it is guaranteed that those responsible for the dissemination and use of the platforms developed have the necessary skills for the success of this type of project. There is no worse image than that of a speaker who does not dominate the platform or who does not adapt his presentation to the channel he is using.

Nor should we forget that management teams must be aligned with this mindset and the new work methodologies. More than mastering technologies, it is about being aware of the need for cross-functional profiles in teams.

  1. Cross-cutting digital education for all company teams

Just as we prepare the team with product, laboratory or compliance training, it is important to provide the necessary training for the development of skills and knowledge on how to carry out remote communication. Teams must be trained to master the programs, tools and platforms used, as it will be crucial for the recipient to live a positive experience.

For example, we can start with roll play training and personalized coaching, which we will have to maintain and adapt as technology evolves.

  1. Be relevant to our audience

Participation in on-line events is characterized by the predisposition, proactivity and motivation of the public we are addressing, success is only guaranteed if we are able to arouse their interest.

It is essential that the content we work on is really relevant to our target audience. This factor is key to encouraging them to attend the webinar, listen to the podcast or get the reaction we have set as a goal.

  1. Share the contents

 “Content is king”, this recurring phrase in any digital marketing strategy has a special role in the health environment. Health professionals pay attention to written content, the interest in delving into the subject is intrinsic to the profession. For this reason, it is important to accompany the online training and presentations with downloadable files, access to content, relevant links or provide sources of information that deepen on the subject and may have at their disposal for a long or indefinite period of time.

However, sometimes less is more, so we must be careful and avoid saturating both representatives and professionals with too much information.

  1. Measure, analyze and improve

Once again, what we do off-line we must do on-line, especially when digital channels allow us more detailed measurement of results and detection of behaviors.

Setting an objective, following a plan, executing it, reviewing it and improving it are the foundations of the development of digital services. In this way we will be able to measure and encourage positive behavior of actions carried out remotely, which is crucial for teams to meet set expectations and constantly improve user satisfaction.

  1. Technology to everyone

Although it is apparently basic, it is essential to have technology that meets the expectations and needs of both internal company teams and healthcare professionals. Some aspects are key to motivating future interactions and optimal satisfaction of the experience, for example:

  • The tools must be compatible with different browsers and devices. Connection problems and service interruptions can be very frustrating.
  • The registration processes must be safe and simple, avoiding requesting excessive information or taking many steps to register.
  • The flexibility of schedules and access is crucial for our target.