Efficient digital marketing tools during pandemic

Efficient digital marketing tools during pandemic

The pandemic has change the way companies do business. In the post we outline some of the digital marketing tools that come handy this period. This article outlines new ways to to market digitally.


This term is used to define the visualization of video and audio in real time. If we are in a state of alarm, we cannot gather fifty people in a conference in addition to a recording team to reproduce a live stream. However, if you search carefully, you will find agencies that are already adapting it to quarantine. They can give you options so that doctors can connect from their homes, with image quality, and even be interesting, since there is a possibility that there will be a high interaction and there will be a debate.


It is simply a customizable and downloadable radio program that can be mounted on a website or blog. This is the jewel in the crown in times of quarantine. The doctor can easily be recorded with his own mobile phone. With a small edit it would be ready. In terms of broadcasting, it is a great tool, since it is usually short and easy content, you just have to listen.


It’s time, but is it your time? Take into account the specialty of your target audience, it may have high or no availability. There are professionals who are also homebound where they can dedicate time to all that pending training that they have always wanted to do, but never find the right moment. Important! Provide quality training and content.


If we want to be innovative, having a virtual event is a good option. The idea is to hold a virtual conference where each doctor becomes an avatar and can go to the auditorium to listen to a speaker or go to the networking area and talk virtually with other doctors. You can even set up a stand to talk about the product and make delegates available to answer questions. If you do your research, you will find several agencies that can offer this service.