Marketing Ideas For Startups With Limited Resources

Marketing Ideas For Startups With Limited Resources

If Marketing a well-known brand is a difficult task; then for a start-up it is almost impossible. The list of marketing resources is growing every day, and it is up to marketers to make the call on which is the best strategy. There is always limitations when it comes to start-ups; such as finance or time. It is not just one channel that is going to give a successful marketing campaign but a combination of few and how they compliment each other. It is imperative for start-ups to get their marketing campaign right as their resources are mostly limited and have to make the most of what is available.

Here are a few cost-effective marketing tips

Creative Business Cards: Business cards are still one of the old yet effective methods of marketing your brand. The advantage of business cards is that it makes the customer feel special as not everybody has access to it. It is a great opportunity for you to get creative as it will always catch your customer’s attention whenever they see it. There are three aspects of a business card that can be exploited.

Touch: The material of the card is something that can be used to get your customer’s attention. There are many creative business cards made of wood, granite or plastic to name a few.

Smell: Another creative way of marketing your brand could be with a smell. There are plenty smells that can be used on your cards to get your customer’s attention. Many perfume companies use smell in their magazine and newspaper ads.

Visual: The most important aspect of the card. There are no limits to how visually creative you can get with your card. There are many things that need to be considered before printing like the colour combination, Font size, creative content and design.

Go Big With Email Marketing: Email Marketing is still an effective channel of marketing. The challenges before is getting the contact information of your target customers. But now there are services that provide a quality targeted email list that you are looking for. The content of the email campaign is vital for its success.

Participate on Trade Shows: Trade shows are an excellent opportunity to showcase your products or services. This is a great chance to spread the brand name and also get valuable feedback from potential customers. This will also be a great opportunity to assess where you stand in the market.

Social Media: The presence in social media is vital in creating a brand name and marketing. The evolution of social media has given companies many channels to market. Being creative is a critical component in this type of marketing. It is important that your content stands out from the rest as that will be the only way it will catch the attention of your target customers.

The above combination is the perfect strategy for a start-up to have has it has the perfect balance of offline and online channels. There will always be new ways to market, and it is up to the marketing team to make the call on which is the best strategy. Hope this was helpful and wish you the very best in you future endeavors.

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