When you check SEO companies in Nigeria and use our service , you will only get to know that we are detailed in analysis and implementation of SEO strategies.

Do you want your local business to be patronized from all over the country and even the world?

Whether you are a plumber in Lagos, or a shoe maker in Abuja or Solar Engineer in Ibadan,

We can make you and your company easy to find.

This is how we will do it…..


  1. We are going to use keywords that people are already looking for about your services and help you dominate it.
  2. We will tell you who your competitors are in your niche and what they are doing online that you are not so you can become their worthy competitors.

For those who own a website, we will do the following for you in details. This will make you aware in a non abstract way where you stand in relation to your competitors.

  1. Web SEO  Competition Analysis
  1. On-Page Analysis and Optimization
  2. Off page analysis and optimization

With this done properly, you can easily become number 1, on your own niche. People will always find you since are always going to be high in your ranking with search engines.

  1. Keyword Research to get accurate completion status compared to other companies on your niche.

You might be in a business and what people are looking for is not what you think and you spend your money on ads for keyword people are not looking for or people not in your niche. We will work with you to help you get all the keywords (terms) that your customers are looking are looking for. We will tell you these information below

  1. An estimated monthly searched keywords to you niche
  2. Commerciality of keyword to you niche
  1. We will send traffic to your website visible in Google analytics
  1. Back Link  Generation and Analysis—We will help you get quality backlinks to your website. This will make you website available to websites and services that has a lot of traffic sources. We will in addition tell you the number of backlinks we could find of your website online.
  1. As part of our service, if you need to rewrite any article you like so it becomes unique to your website, we will do that easily for. Note: Google loves unique articles (contents).
  1. We will analyze you already written articles to check for Article Density. You want to have rich and enough content for each of you posts on the web. Note: This analysis your text and not your intention. You will know which keyword you are stuffing too much in your posts. During this process we will do a Plagiarism check
  1. Metatag Analysis and Generation for your website. We will analysis your Meta Tags. Remember that , meta tags are important to search engines, it is what people will see about you when they search on search engines so metatags are very important. We will now  create a professional and complete meta tag for your website new or old. Having all the information on a well written metatag. Also we will recommend/assist our customers for those who make use of other platform like wordpress how to setup their metatags.

9jaonlcoud is a digital agency that provides the following services.

  1. We are a web design company in nigeria that offer the quickest, fasted, affordable and professional website compared to other web design companies in Nigeria.
  2. When you check SEO companies in Nigeria and use our service , you will only get to know that we are detailed in analysis and implementation of SEO strategies.
  3. WE our skills we are on of the online marketing services in nigeria and our professionals in SEO and digital marketing are always available to to provide value to businesses.

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